Sunday, August 23, 2009

The "Register Cliff"

We stopped by the “Register Cliff” outside Guernsey, WY. This is a fascinating spot where not only can you see the ruts carved in solid rock by the countless wagon wheels of settlers headed out West, you will also find a cliff where hundreds of them carved their names. Seeing dates like “1878” and the names carved next to them, makes them feel like real people. Not just a lesson in a history book, but living, breathing people. Touching the rock where their wagon wheels carved ruts, some of them 6 feet deep or more helps you understand the relentless and inevitable onslaught of settlers that soon overwhelmed the native peoples of this land. I don’t believe the settlers wished the Indians harm. And I don’t believe the Indians meant the settlers harm. They were both just pursuing their dreams. Unfortunately for all of us, those dreams collided, and at these cliffs, you can see the remnants of that collision first hand.

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