Sunday, August 16, 2009

What goes around......

Today I bought a couple of ears of corn from a young Amish gentleman who was parked by a Mexican restaurant we were about to frequent with his horse and buggy selling corn. He had waved at us as we pulled in, and he was either fascinated by the sight of the Airstream or just wanted to sell us some corn.

After we finished a pretty darn good Mexican meal for the middle of the Midwest, we stopped by and bought two ears of fresh picked corn off his buggy. As he was used to selling a dozen ears or more at a time, we had to explain that we only had room for two in the trailer. He quickly did the math in his head and told us that we owed him fifty cents. I handed him the dollar I had in my hand and said "how about a dollar." After advising me that he could certainly make change he gratefully accepted the dollar that I offered.

On the way back to the Airstream while watching his horse wait impatiently in the shade, a lonely dollar bill floated down the street and landed at my feet. Looking down I said to Kate.."look at that, there's a dollar". It wasn't until I had a chance to reflect on it that I realized that the dollar I had given the Amish man without him asking was coming back to me. The lesson was clear.."as you sow, so shall you reap", or as we say now "what goes around comes around". Either way I think, the more we give without asking, the more we get without expecting.


  1. So, John, what you are saying is that I should sow more (or is it sew more). Either way, Lord knows I have the time.

    Great post!