Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Family & Friends-Part 2

Kate’s sister Peg, her husband Bryan, and their charming but rapidly growing son Ben, live at the dead end of a rural road in the historic community of Frontenac, just outside Red Wing. Having caught up on our blog, we now needed to make some much needed repairs to our vehicles. Bryan has a full shop in case I needed anything I hadn’t brought along for just such an occasion. After realizing I was in over my head on trying to get a “Service Engine” light to go off, Kate’s nephew Rick, an experienced auto mechanic came to my rescue and helped me make that and a few other necessary repairs.

Between the auto and trailer repairs we ended up staying a week with them, and besides all the help with the repairs, the delicious meals that Peg just wouldn’t take “no” to, and the chance to see some of the rest of Kate’s family, we had a wonderful visit.

Kate comes from a family of eight, so sometimes keeping up with all the family is a challenge for me, but while we were there, we were treated to visits from 3 Sisters, 2 Nephews, a Niece, a Cousin, and a stream of associated husbands, wives, kids, grandkids, and more! We also saw our old friend Peggy, and made some new friends as well. This included Art & Andrea Hamilton who lived in Frontenac, owned a vintage Airstream and after having read about us in the newspaper drove every street in town until they found us. You can check out Andrea's blog at: Andrea's Web Log

As we were leaving, Kate’s nephew Rick brought us some fresh tomatoes and a loaf of Zucchini bread his wife Beth had made for us. Once again we were delightfully reminded that when you really need them your family and friends are always there.

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