Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kalispell and Indika Organics

On to Kalispell, where thirty one years ago to the day I came to visit Kate while she was picking cherries in an Orchard there. We were still just seeing each other off and on then, and I decided to show up for her birthday. She was staying in a little log cabin on the property, where I found newspapers from the 1920’s stuffed in the cracks for insulation, including one that told of the arrest of Al Capone. We spent a few nights there together sleeping in the cabin or out in the orchards under the stars. Shortly after that, she came back to my cabin in Oregon, and the rest as they say is history.

Kalispell is also the home to Indika Organics, an organic textile manufacturer whom we had dealt with through our furniture company Zola. In a small unassuming warehouse in the back of an industrial complex just outside of Kalispell, MT, Indika Organics manufactures and imports a line of custom made organic and natural textiles. We have dealt with Indika for some time as a supplier for Zola Furnishings, and it was nice to put a face with a name at last when we finally met Patti from Indika. Although they were not in production on the day of our visit, Patti gave us the nickel tour. Next to the wide array of looming, weaving and sewing machines, there were stacks of brightly colored yarns waiting to be woven, and stacks of equally bright fabrics waiting to be shipped.

Besides their line of custom woven textiles, Indika manufactures and imports a line of custom made Organic Turkish Cotton bath towels. We can tell you from experience, that these are the softest most luxurious towels you will ever experience, and they hang proudly in the Doris Mae!

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