Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Montana & Wyoming

Montana & Wyoming are states of staggering beauty, dramatic contrasts, and unfathomable distances. If you have never been to these states you owe it to yourself to do so. If you have only been through these states on the Interstates, you have not seen the most beautiful of these places. There is not only abundant geological beauty, there is wildlife and wildflowers that although you have to look carefully in the rocks for them sometimes, they are everywhere and in variety that boggles the mind.

Today we drove by rocks that were over 3 Billion years old. Just down the road they were in the process of straightening out the beautiful curvy old road (one of the Stimulus Packages shovel ready projects?), and blasting through these 3 billion year old rocks.

Those rocks have been there for need I say it again, 3 billion years. Who are we to move them? The only comfort is that after we move them, they will still be somewhere nearby in another 3 billion years. But I suspect that we, and the nice new straightened out road will be long gone.

Victims perhaps of our own arrogance.

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